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Looking for info on artificial/non-nutritive sweeteners?

Look no further! I recently listened to a podcast that explains the pros and cons of artificial/non-nutritive sweeteners. Erin Kenney MS, RD, LDN, HCP from Nutrition Rewired does a great job of providing information in a way that is unbiased. It was a great review for me and I learned a thing or two as well! Since this subject tends to be controversial, I wanted to share this podcast episode in case anyone is looking for more evidence-based information on the subject. I loved listening to this podcast, and I can be picky about them! I've already listened to a couple more Nutrition Rewired episodes and would recommend them both for those interested in nutrition and for those in the nutrition field as well!

Here is the podcast! Give it a listen. Erin also has great blog posts, recipes and etc. if you want to check out her website

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